The need for fusion energy

There are five main elements to the plots of my books, political corruption, big oil, fusion energy, conspiracy, and high tech computer gadgetry.

Today I will discuss the U.S. need for fusion energy.


The U.S. is such a powerful country, both militarily and economically. However, we are only realizing a fraction of our capabilities. Our industrial and creative might are throttled by the cost of energy.


If we look objectively at the industrial needs for energy, it is clear that there is an urgent need for a vast amount of energy. Today, that is something that only nuclear power plants or fossil fuel plants can deliver.


Wind turbines help, are interesting and do supply enough energy to satisfy some needs. However, they are ugly compared to natures’ beauty. I have driven quite a bit in the west and have seen several wind turbine farms. I have two reactions when I see them. First is “Isn’t that neat?” Second is, “It sure screws up the vista!” The same can be said for solar.


Furthermore, neither of those technologies provides the power needed to truly unleash the superiority and creative genius that is in the U.S. today.


On the other hand, conventional nuclear fission plants aren’t being built. Coal and fossil fuel plants run up against and army of environmental protests every time they are proposed. (Green house gases and all.)


We need to figure out how to create a lot of energy, cheaply or we will become irrelevant in the world community.


Tomorrow I will continue with more on fusion.