From "Letting Go"

From my novel: "Letting Go"

Again, Rachael flashed back to Iraq. This time there's an enemy to shoot. She can protect her man, and she won’t stop until the threat is removed and Gary is safe. She worked to get herself between Jack and Blanchard, then, she continued toward Blanchard’s quivering body, pulling the trigger. 

Jack heard Blanchard hit the floor. He knew he was safe, but he continued to hear the shots from Rachael’s Glock.

Jack looked up. Something's wrong. Rachael's in trouble. He sprang to his feet and came up behind her. He wrapped his hands around Rachael’s and took control of the smoking Glock. 

The room went silent. After a short pause, Jack was able to take Rachael’s gun. Jack whispered, “It’s okay, sweetie. It’s okay now. We got the bad guy. It's all over. It's okay.”