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My experience in writing these books has been cathartic and interesting.

July 2014
text: Chapter 19 -- Letting Go
#ortexgraves Another free excerpt from my novel: "Letting Go" Chapter 19 Vasquez’s Interrogation The plane trip from Albuqu...
July 2014
text: Fusion energy
#ortexgraves My Passion in life is FUSION ENERGY. It has the ability to transform society (In a good way) and the worl...
July 2014
"Ask the right questions...Demand the full answer!"
July 2014
text: The senate wants to block ITER
#ortexgraves Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Been on vacation with the grand kids. Lots of fun. Here's an article thoug...
June 2014
text: Darryn Red Horse
#ortexgraves The story behind Darryn Red Horse I have a small story to tell about my ancestry and my link to the Native Ame...
June 2014
text: Jack Anderson
#ortexgraves From my novel: Letting GoJack Anderson is a food officianotto! ...Rachael said, “Oh, thank God I don’t have any ...
text: The Environment
#ortexgraves Continuing on with environmentalism, consider this. I submit a challenge to all readers. Do this Google search:...
June 2014
text: Tel Afar ISIS
#ortexgraves ISIS and Tal Afar I read a brief article on Facebook this morning from www.SOFREP.com . The SHOCK point is a...
June 2014
text: Rachael
#ortexgraves From my novel: Letting Go Chapter 2 Rachael Lancaster On the outskirts of Chicago, Rachael Lancaster arr...
June 2014
text: Angra, Brazil
#ortexgraves From my novel Freedom's Banshee: Chapter 6 Brazil The curtains that covered the entry to Bob’s private d...
June 2014
text: Series
#ortexgraves Did you know that my novels, Freedom's Banshee & Letting Go are a series? Where Freedom's Banshee ends, Lettin...
June 2014
text: Rachael
#ortexgraves This is what Rachael is up to: From my novel Letting Go. When they arrived on the scene, Rachael took a deep...
June 2014
text: What would fusion energy do for us?
#ortexgraves There are five main elements to the plots of my books, political corruption, big oil, fusion energy, conspiracy...
June 2014
text: My Book Reviews
#ortexgraves My books are getting great reviews on Amazon. Check them out. ortexgraves.com please re-post/share
June 2014
text: COSMOS episode
#ortexgraves So who else watched last nights episode on COSMOS with Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson? I had one or two issues with t...