COSMOS episode



So who else watched last nights episode on COSMOS with Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson?

I had one or two issues with the way the facts were being presented, but mostly it was saying: "We are the dirtiest creatures on the planet and it's killing or going to kill us." (That's my personal translation.)


The episode demonstrated how there are efforts to use both wind and solar to capture, generate, and distribute energy. While both technologies work to a point, neither can produce the amount of energy needed to support a vibrant, growing, highly industrialized, nation or society. At best they are band-aides. Go to California and look around at all the wind turbine farms and solar projects. California still has brown outs and outages on an annual basis.


We are filling the atmosphere with CO2. We've been doing it for hundreds of years. It has to stop. Stopping it is going to take a huge amount of energy, the amount of energy needed to replace the fossil fuel energy that we are using today, plus the energy needed to grow, plus the energy needed to remove any CO2 necessary to bring the atmosphere back into some balance. Wind and solar can not do that.


Where the episode failed, in my opinion, is there was no discussion of FUSION ENERGY production. Fusion energy is the only thing capable of producing the amount of energy needed to clean up the environment, and it will do it without making our mountains look like porcupines or cacti full of wind turbines. Why would an environmentalist be happy with that?


It would have been so much better, more complete, if there would have been at least a brief discussion of the development of fusion energy, where it is at now, it's capabilities, and the pressures holding back the development of fusion energy.



Thanks in advance for re-posting and sharing.