This is what Rachael is up to: From my novel Letting Go.


When they arrived on the scene, Rachael took a deep breath. Blood was everywhere and gray matter was sprayed across the curtain backdrop. Mrs. Maynard was kneeling beside her husband. Her eyes were glassy, her face swollen and tear stained. She appeared to be in another world.


The bullet went in just over the left eye and took much of the back of his head with it when it exited. 


Rachael swallowed hard at the sight of Mrs. Maynard kneeling by her husband. “Damn Jack, shouldn’t your people have pulled her away? That’s no last vision to have of your husband.”


“Believe me, we tried. Three men tried to coerce her and hold her back. She wouldn't be denied, and we didn’t want to get into a brawl with her on national TV.”


Rachael approached Mrs. Maynard and placed her hand gently on her shoulder. After a moment, Mrs. Maynard looked up. Rachael’s gentle touch seemed to have brought her back to her grim reality. Then she began to cry again.


Rachael whispered, “Mrs. Maynard, I'm so very sorry for your loss.”

The woman barely managed a nod.


“Mrs. Maynard, it’s time to get your husband into some privacy so we can start figuring out who did this. We need to remove him from here now. Will you let us do that?”


After a long pause, Mrs. Maynard nodded, still sobbing.

Standing just behind Rachael, Jack was impressed with her gentle touch. It seemed as if she had done this before, maybe too many times. 


When Mrs. Maynard had relatively composed herself, Rachael said, “Mrs. Maynard, I'm Rachael Lancaster. I'm with the FBI. I'm here with my crew to work with the Chicago Police Department to find the person that did this. I'd like to talk with you tomorrow or the next day if that's okay.”


Mrs. Maynard nodded.


“In the meantime, please let one of these officers escort you home, all right? The EMTs will take care of John for you. Do you have family in town, someone who can be with you?”


Mrs. Maynard wiped her face. “I... I don’t live here, you know... but I have a sister and daughter here.” 


She spoke as if she had to force every word out of her mouth, and still each word crackled with emotion.


Rachael gestured toward a young uniformed Chicago police officer. “This officer is going to take you to your sister’s home. Please give him your sister’s and daughter’s phone numbers. The officer will arrange to have your daughter meet you at your sister’s house. They'll help you settle in for the night.”


Mrs. Maynard nodded and murmured, "Thank you."