Tel Afar ISIS



ISIS and Tal Afar


I read a brief article on Facebook this morning from . The SHOCK point is a gruesome photo of slaughtered human beings in a closed room. Ostensibly in Tel Afar. Compelling to be sure.


To begin with, SOFREP is a military type acronym meaning Special Operations Forces Report. Nothing wrong with that. I just want to be clear about where the report came from and give proper credit where it is due. Look through the site. You will be moved.


As you read the many articles on the site you will see at least one reference to the fact that ISIS is being funded by pirated, or stolen oil. I have seen the same comment in main stream news over the last week. In fact, it is my belief that most, if not all, terrorism has been and, is funded by oil and oil revenues. (Bin Laden was an oil sheik. I’ve seen reports that he was getting as much as 300 million per year in oil revenue at one point. That’s a lot of RPG’s and IED’s)


It is also my belief that oil is at the heart of the funding for all these terrorist activities and wars. Take OIL out of the equation and terrorist activities go way down or are eliminated all together. Without oil terrorist can’t fund a good fireworks show, much less a sustained assault of terror on the world.


The US, does not need to be supporting these people, ISIS. We need to take steps to eliminate them.


How do we eliminate them?


Do we send troops over there and re-take IRAQ? NO!!! ABSOLUTELY NOT!!


Do we nuke them? Probably would not happen. I’ve been wrong enough times in my life that I would not promote that, but I would understand if it actually did happen. Absolute, soul wrenching HORROR, has a tendency to get people’s attention. I’m pretty sure that the leaders of RADICAL ISLAM would take pause.


NOTE: Main stream Islam and radical Islam are two different things. Main stream Islam I have no problem with. Radical Islam is causing all the terror in the world today.


Probably the most humane thing that could happen, and it could be done without firing a shot, is MAKE OIL IRRELEVANT to the terrorists.


There are a couple of ways to accomplish this:


1) The world needs to take a stand and refuse to buy oil that is in anyway associated with terrorists and their activities. Boycott them in the strongest terms possible. Close their ports, shut down the pipe lines. Oil does not flow.


2) Zero out their bank accounts. In my past blogs I have discussed QUANTUM COMPUTING. Quatum computers exist. (Google it, you’ll see.) They are more powerful than the hottest conventional machines to date. It has been reported that what would take a conventional machine several hours to solve, a quantum computer can solve with just one tick of the computer clock.

If you really pause to consider how powerful a Quantum computer is, you should be scared.


We know that some very important organizations have at least one Quantum computer, NSA, GOOGLE, and there is a financial/banking institution that has one. The CIA probably has at least one, probably more.


To operate these machines we have armies of software PhD’s.


The point is, we have the ability to find these bank accounts. Zero out the accounts! Give the money to well deserving third world countries.


Let me finish by asking, “Do you really think that RADICAL ISLAM is going to stop just by negotiating with them?” The answer is “NO.” The only way to stop the terrorism being perpetrated by RADICAL ISLAM is to remove their ability to conduct terrorist activities, i.e. money. Or you visit upon them such horrors that they dare not consider the consequences of going forward.