The Environment


Continuing on with environmentalism, consider this. I submit a challenge to all readers. Do this Google search:“Groups against ________.”


Fill in the blank with whatever environmental nasty you consider relevant.


There are groups against everything. My focus in life is energy, specifically electrical energy. I found that there are groups against the following:


1. Coal fired generating plants.

2. Natural gas fired generating plants.

3. Fission type nuclear plants.

4. Hydro-electric generating plants. (Dams)

5. Wind turbines.

6. Solar generating plants.

7. Geothermal generating plants.


If I missed one, my apologies. I promise you, there is group against it.


The common thread for all these groups is this, I have yet to see them offer an alternative. That is, if there is a need for a 1000mw generating plant somewhere, there is an environmental group against it. They protest vehemently against the construction of the plant. However, there is no suggestion of where to get that 1000mw of electrical energy needed for the region.


If you take all these groups as a whole, there is only one conclusion that can be drawn, they are absolutely committed to the down fall and destruction of the United States. My paranoia allows me to believe that there is a large measure of members of these very same groups that hop into their gas powered automobiles, go home after a protest, are happy that the light comes on when they flip the switch, that the beer in the electric refrigerator is cold, and complain the loudest when the power is out.


Without energy, the US will fall into third world status along with the likes of Somalia and Ethiopia.


If you want to protest a generating plant, fine. However, it is irresponsible NOT to point out or offer an alternative to supply the energy that the plant in question could provide.


By the way. Conserving energy is good. We all need to do it. But conservation alone won’t allow this country to grow, create jobs, improve or even maintain our standard of living. 


We need clean energy growth.


Fusion Energy gives it to you!


I know. There is a group against that too!


However, we could build Fusion Energy plants on abandoned military bases, (Which are usually environmentally messed up anyway. So there would be minimal environmental impact.)So why don’t we have Fusion Energy on the fast track?
More on conspiracies later.


Thanks in advance for re-posting and sharing.