The senate wants to block ITER



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Here's an article though that I just came across. Makes you want to ask a lot of questions!!!


Kevin CliftDiscussion  -  Jun 28, 2014 #Senate   ITER Funding


The US house and senate squabble over funding.


Senate appropriators approved a bill last week that would order the US to withdraw from ITER, the international effort to build a fusion test reactor in France. The move sets up a confrontation with House counterparts, who added $75 million to the Obama administration’s $150 million request for the project in fiscal year 2015. The Senate measure, approved on 17 June by the subcommittee on energy and water development, would allow just $75 million to pay for contracts that have already been signed with US industry to build and ship ITER components.


I want to take the time to thank Mr. Clift for this very enlightening article. It comes from a community on G+.


This is a shining example of what I’ve been talking about for the last few months, Big Oil, Political Corruption, and a solution to our energy problems…World Wide!


The Senate appropriations committee wants the US to with draw from ITER! To some it may seem that ITER is a big waste of time. However, unless you are going to start a program to unilaterally develop fusion energy and fast track the project here in the US, then ITER is one of our best hopes to get fusion energy in this century. There are others to be sure, but none have the backing that ITER has.


So why does the Senate want the US to withdraw from the project? To save money for the budget? I promise you, Big Oil contributions to those politicians are mixed in there somewhere. 


What contributions are being made by Big Oil to the politicians that sit on the appropriations committee?


What big oil companies are making the contributions? Are they foreign Big oil companies? Probably.


Who stands to lose if FUSION energy becomes common place? Big oil and other fossil fuels.


Keep in mind that one Fusion energy plant has the potential to output the energy of several nuclear plants and be 99.999% clean. 


Now, if you’re a climate fanatic, why aren’t you taking this and screaming at your politicians to get fusion energy going?